BCM212 Project Reflection

When I began my research into selfies, I was bombarded by the preponderance of articles connoting selfie-takers as the ultimate narcissists. This totally contradicted my own viewpoint on the subject, so I avoided… Continue reading

BCM2Project Update

“Humans have always performed their identities within constructed narratives, whether it was through hoop skirts and powdered wigs at fancy balls, or through smartphones and Instagram filters over a network” Carla Gannis, in… Continue reading

Self(ie) Empowerment – A Research Project

The newfangled ways in which persons and media interact and co-produce one another are consistently revolutionising. The selfie, for example, has rapidly risen into the common visual vernacular, and seems to accent a culture… Continue reading

Just Google It.

I’ll be honest, I started off this blog with a simple title to get me in the groove: “Curiousity”. But I was brought to a screeching halt when the little red squiggly line… Continue reading

The Humanisation of ‘Beasts’ in Narratives

Today I want to look at animals in film. Are you excited about the prospect of this statement? It would ordinarily stimulate some *awes* and *yays*. But unfortunately, I can’t say that it… Continue reading

A Flower Can Grow Through Concrete (A Reflection)

Having a documented record of all of my writings is beautiful. Except, if I’m honest, I find writing extraordinarily difficult, and am not the biggest fan of blogging for assessment. What I am… Continue reading

BYO Distraction – Personal Devices and Attention Spans

As I write this, I am literally sitting here, phone in one hand, Austar remote in the other – so that I can pause or mute the TV if I want to watch… Continue reading

The Complexities and Considerations of Cinema-going

I adore the cinema; the way that you can immerse yourself into a movie, in an environment free from distractions. Alright, alright, so it’s admittedly not completely distraction-free. But I would say the… Continue reading

Decoding Recollections as Research Practice

►►► We are the Authors; We are the Stories ◄◄◄ The embedding of culture onto our experiences, memories, and stories is inevitable, the impressions left thereon epitomizing our history, our impermanence, and the shifting mores that… Continue reading

Remix Never Felt So Good

Image Source We live in a time of remixes. Where content creation and re-creation is celebrated by audiences, so long as it’s in good taste and does not degrade an artist’s work in any… Continue reading


Transcending linear formats, transmedia storytelling is the process of systematically unfolding a narrative across a range of delivery channels, providing an ongoing continuation of the same narrative and thus a unified and coordinated entertainment… Continue reading

Citizen Journalism… But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

And then let me share it with the whole wide world. Image Source Within our current electronic, high-tech, media-orchestrated cyberculture, the influx of power to the consumers of mass communication has changed the… Continue reading


Okay, now, the title to this post is a complete and utter hyperbole. I did not conquer the #BCM110 blogosphere, I am the first to admit that I’ve made my share of mistakes along the… Continue reading

The Public Sphere Versus The Kingdom of Isolation

Late last year every social media outlet became saturated with images, gifs, videos, and thoughts regarding the 2013 smash-hit Disney movie Frozen. It absolutely dominated the public sphere that is the World Wide Web,… Continue reading

Apparently Media Consolidation Equates to Human Conditioning??

Are we people, products, puppets, or property?? Are we docile lemmings? Do we lack the ability for subjective thought? No. However, through repetitive associations to biased and opinionated media forms, can our opinions be… Continue reading

The Mobility: from Information to Interaction

Don’t fret, the story of this video is indeed fictional; a social media horror story. However it is massively relevant to this post, as testament to the rapid expansion of media platforms; and… Continue reading

Platform Configuration Ideologies and The Tension of the Coexistence

The Social Construction of Technology thesis applies the knowledge that the synergistic relationship between technology and society is characterised by a cyclical co-dependence, co-influence, and co-production of one another. Thereon, the “contradictory and… Continue reading

©opyright ©riminals or just oblivious participants of a ©yber©ulture??

No one reads the terms of service of any app, website, or technology of any kind. It doesn’t happen because they tend to be extensive and dull and have been known to cause minor… Continue reading

♫ I Hate These Blurred Lines ♫ Between Connotations and Denotations

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. Video showcases naked ladies. Robin Thicke’s über-catchy 2013 “hottest song of the summer” Blurred Lines has been a constant source of controversy, creating a massive dichotomy amongst its audiences.… Continue reading

The Illusion of Truth

Please watch: Dove ‘Onslaught’ film, as part of the Dove Real Beauty Campaign. In one brief minute, this video rapidly encapsulates some of the pressures associated with being female in our culture, simultaneously condemning… Continue reading

Snapchat: My Main Medium for Self-Induced Mortification

I don’t know about you, but I personally spend a lot of my spare time augmenting my awkwardity (how is that not a real word?!) from the privacy of my own home. Oh… Continue reading

Low Expectations, Low Disappointment.

Hello Hey How Are Ya? Okay if my inspirational post title and associated picture and little dancing man and cool red “Hello” isn’t yet enough to convince you of the grandeur that is my blog,… Continue reading

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